Essential Principle #5 from "The Squirter's Guide":

The Vaccum Suction Principle

A woman is at her most ready state for ejaculative squirting when her genitals are swollen both with blood (around the vulva, vagina and urethral spongy tissue) and squirting fluids (in her Skene's Glands). In this state, the inside of the vagina will feel puffy and smoother than usual, and this condition, combined with the wetness/lubrication that will naturally accompany such a high state of arousal, will prime her for the Vaccum Suction Principle.

The Vaccum Suction Principle states that you need NEGATIVE pressure (suction/pulling) in addition to the positive (pushing) pressure on the Skene's Glands (via her G-spot) in simultaneous combination and with rhythmic escalation in order to ellicit powerful squirting.

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